This is quite short, but I imagine it happens pretty regularly.

I helped a friend organize a BLM event in her small, predominantly white hometown. The event was effective-- many white teens-to-20-somethings came with signs and brought their white parents with them to listen and learn. All of the speakers were Black, and while many of them had spent years speaking and writing on their experiences, for some this was the first time they had been given a platform to tell their stories, especially to a white audience. Multiple times throughout the day, some self-identified "white allies" would try and show support with vocal affirmations like "yeah!" or "that's right!" in the middle of speeches. While their intentions may have been good, the result was drawing attention from the speaker. Ultimately it was white people deciding that their toxic "help" was needed, and inserting themselves into someone else's narrative.

Like I said, it is a short story, but it speaks to the negative effect that wearing the self-appointed badge of "white ally" can have, and I'm sure there are many more similar stories from other events happening across the country.

(By the way, huge fan of your writing. The honesty of your articles has made me look inward and evaluate my own actions more than most information I've been consuming, and have taught me immensely over the past month. Thank you!)

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